Conforms to D.M. 25/2012

• Filter material composition: activated coconut vegetable charcoal
• Filter material composition: aluminum, 100% recyclable
• Material made of: PVC, 100% recyclable
• Operating pressure: 0.7 to 8 bar
• Operating temperature: 4 ° C to 38 ° C
• Handling type: to lose
• Availability: 10 «/ 20»
• Degree of filtration: 5 microns
• Flow rate: 1.9 L / min
• Dispensed water quantity: 11,370 L

Water inlet Data:

• Maximum pressure: 8 bar
• Minimum pressure: 0.7 bar
• Maximum chlorine: 1.5 mg/L
• TDS: 2000 ppm
• Iron: absent
• SDI: 5.0

COD: PLFILCAR Categoria:

Active carbon is a highly porous material able to retain in its structure many molecules of other substances. The main feature of active carbon is the high “specific surface” due to its high porosity: for example, one gram of active carbon can reach an internal surface equivalent to that of a soccer field! Active carbon filters hold impurities up to 5 microns, also exerting a bacteriostatic action. Pollutants, chlorine and unwanted odors, asbestos fibers, molds, algae, protozoa, are retained within the porous structure of activated charcoal, generating water free of harmful substances and ready to drink. Active carbon filters are the ideal complement to three-way taps that can supply separate water.


• Save effort, time and money, not having to buy and transport to the house heavy bottles that you’ll have to dispose once used.

• Protects the environment by reducing the consumption of plastic bottles;

• The installation and replacement of the filter is fast and easy and doesn’t require a technician;

• Once saturated, the filter automatically reduces the water flow until it locks, ensuring always quality water;

• Minimal size because the filtering system occupies very little space and can be installed in the under-sink cabinet.

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